“Inspiration through generations”

Roos1835 is in essence a family business. While creative director Michèle Nijs has been thriving in jewellery design for years, her daughter Jackie Baert was brought up with a passion for the profession and has immersed herself in production and logistics in order to boost the brand in her own way. The inseparable duo is driven by a deep appreciation for beauty and the product they most proudly work with: the rose-cut diamond.

Like mother, like (grand)daughter
Through the purity and boldness of our designs, Marita lives on forever.

Though their main source of inspiration has been and will always be Marita. Michèle’s mother and Jackie’s grandmother combined an effortless sense of style with an independent nature. Skilled in fashion design, she had a talent for combining colours and was always focused on finishing her work down to the smallest detail. By passing her persistence in pursuing perfection and outside the box creativity onto Michèle and Jackie, in a way she still shapes Roos1835 as a label today.

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