“Ode to the classics”

Poetry with diamonds

For more than 400 years, Shakespeare has captivated writers, artists, composers, choreographers, directors, actors and spectators. Dozens of operas and ballets are inspired by his plays and all major theaters have staged a Shakespeare play before, albeit in a contemporary adaptation and performance in recent decades. The English poet’s work may be old, but it is far from old-fashioned.

Likewise, the rose is an old cut, yet its poetry still touches us. Where the modern brilliant-cut diamond distracts us with intense reflection of light, a rose-cut diamond presents a range of subtle shimmers and warm tones that are close to the human soul.

Like Shakespeare’s words, rose-cut diamonds leave an unforgettable impression.

In the same way that Shakespeare’s sonnets still move us today, we design and develop, in a contemporary setting, high-quality jewellery with rose-cut diamonds in which the poetry of colour nuances and emotions shines.

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