“Design from the heart”

Wearing a Roos1835 creation means wearing jewellery that has been cared for from sourcing up until the finishing stage.

We solely use natural diamonds and work with suppliers who source gold from refiners acting in compliance with sustainability standards and responsible mining. Each piece is designed in Belgium and handmade with great regard for a high-quality finish in our ateliers. Know that our collections are always shaped by what we find in our hearts to best reflect and match our brand. We design with perfection in mind, not a selling price.

In order to complement every aspect of the woman who wears it, a piece of jewellery should obtain the same level of complexity. Inspired and led by generations of women, Roos1835 dedicates itself to this notion with the creation of intricate, one-of-a-kind designs.

The use of rare rose-cut diamonds is at the heart of our Belgium-based concept: you’ll undoubtedly recognise a vintage ambience and a deep-rooted love for the subtle glow that originates from this kite-shaped cut in each collection. Because of the craft work of our carving process, no diamond and thus no ring, bracelet or necklace made in our ateliers is ever the same. Join us in rewriting the story of what’s considered the original diamond cut and discover the perfectly imperfect jewellery look that defines Roos1835.

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